Warhammer Age of Sigmar is a game that got released back in 2015, and if you are reading this lines, you love the game as much as we do.

Despite the initial reticence to the game, Age of Sigmar scene has been growing at a steady pace all over the world since it was released, especially since the changes that the General’s Handbook brought about. Grand Tournaments are organized around the globe at any time of the year, where hundreds of players gather to enjoy battles in the Mortal Realms for two days. Tournaments like South Coast GT, The London GTDa Boyz GT and Blood & Glory among many others have demonstrated that a competitive (but healthy and fun) scene for Age of Sigmar is possible.

Despite the success of the game everywhere, it seems that Age of Sigmar has not rooted strongly in Japan. And this is how our event came to exist: our main goal is to promote Age of Sigmar in the country of the Rising Sun. We feel that during these last three years the number of players have been also growing here, but it is lacking a centralized organization of events and games promoting and motivating players to continue collecting and playing Age of Sigmar.

We have created this Grand Tournament based on other GTs around the world thus aiming at encouraging people in Japan to collect and grow their armies for this or future events, to show them that a competitive, but fair and fun, scene is also possible in Japan.

We hope you will join us in this endeavour!

Main event organizer.