Here you will find the rules for the painting competition of the Rising Sun GT 2018.

Basic Entry Rules

  1. All models must be Citadel Miniatures of one of the following ranges from Games Workshop:
    • Warhammer Age of Sigmar
    • Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire (or the subsequent episode in the series)
    • Warhammer Quest
  2. Models must be displayed on an appropiate base, plinth or any other display surface.
  3. Each participant can submit as many entries per category as wanted as long as each entry has its own ticket. A single entry can only be presented in one category. Entries to more than one category must be different models.
  4. Each entry must have an entry form filled out. You will receive the form(s) upon registration.
  5. Each entry must be painted by the participant. Participants cannot enter models painted by a third person. Infringement of this rule will result in the immediate disqualification of the participant, with no right for any reimbursement. We take cheating very seriously.
  6. All models must be authentic. If a model is a pirate copy or a recast (even made by the participant) of an original model, the entry will be removed from the contest, and the owner disqualified. Again, we take cheating and the infringment of copyright laws very seriously.
  7. Entries will be displayed openly on both September 22nd and 23rd. Judging will occurr during September 22nd. Winner will be announced on the 23rd, on the prize award ceremony, after the games of the Rising Sun GT are finished.

Rising Sun Painting Competition Categories:

Single Model: Any single miniature of roughly human-size. E. g., Annointed (Phoenix Temple), Gaunt Summoner (Disciples of Tzeentch), Lord Ordinator (Stormcast Eternals), Megaboss on foot (Ironjawz), and similar.

Unit: This entry consists on two or more models of roughly human-size described under the same warscroll. Mounted models that can form units in the game of Warhammer Age of Sigmar are accepted, such as Fulminators (Stormcast Eternals) and Akhelian Ishlaen Guard (Idoneth Deepking), as long as the corresponding unit warscroll does not include the keyword MONSTER.

War Marchine: Any model whose corresponding warscroll includes one or more of the following keywords: WAR MACHINE, CHARIOT, CANNON, CAULDRON, ENGINE, COACH, in any of its variants.

Monster: Any model whose corresponding warscroll includes the keyword MONSTER. This can include the rider or not.

Diorama: A diorama is a representations of a scene, either static or an action, in which one or more models are involved. Dioramas must be presented in a scenic base, appropriately decorated for the scene represented.

Spetial Category

Young blood: Any miniature corresponding to the Single Miniature category, as explained above, but painted by anyone under the age of 13.


From each of the above categories, judges will select a single winner for the best painted entry. Moreover, two major prizes will be awarded to:

BEST OF PUBLIC: The most liked entry by the audience. All the people attending the event during September 22, including players of the Rising Sun GT, visitors to the event, and painters themselves will be able to cast a vote for three of their favourite entries in order. The most voted entry will receive this award.

BEST OF SHOW: The best painted entry judged by pro-painters. Among all the regular categories, the judges will select a single entry as the absolute winner of the Painting Competition. All entries made to the Single Miniature, Unit, War Machine or Diorma categories will be taken into account for the Best of Show award.


Four different judges will score each miniature independently based on the following criteria:

  • Use of color
  • Composition
  • Light and atmosphere
  • Technique