Rising Sun GT will be the first Grand Tournament of Warhammer Age of Sigmar to be held in Japan. Here you will find the rules for the tournament. Since this is the very first big tournament that we have run, these rules might not be perfect, and they might change before the tournament or be house ruled during the event. Thanks for your understanding!

Basic rules:

  • The tournament will consist of 5 game rounds of Matched Play, of about 2,5 hours each, to be played over the course of two days, on September 22nd and 23rd, 2018.
  • The pairing for the first round will be randomly set. From the second round onwards, a Swiss pairing will be used.
  • The basic game rules for the tournament will be those described in the Core Rules of Warhammer Age of Sigmar 2nd edition, expanded by those advanced rules described in the Core Book, the General’s Handbook 2018, Malign Sorcery Book, as well as the most recent Battletome of any valid army.
  • Rules for the tournament games are: Core Rules (including Realms of Battle and Allegiance Abilites), Matched Play and Pitched Battle Rules, Endless Spells and Malign Sorcery rules, all described in the books mentioned above.  ATTENTION: Realms of Battle have been house-ruled. (See below).
  • Each game round will use a different Battleplan, randomly selected before each game by the organizers among the 18 Matched Play battleplans from the Core Book and the General’s Handbook 2018.

FAQs and Errata:

  • FAQs and Errata published by the Warhammer-Community team until the day before the tournament. You can find all FAQ and Errata PDF documents here.
  • Please, prepare some digital snapshots or prints of the FAQs or Errata related to your army in order to resolve disputes quicker. Some prints will be also available at the venue.

Army Selection:

  • Size of armies will be Battlehost level, up to 2000 points, of which 400 points can be allies (see page 48 of GH2018 for rules regarding allies).
  • See page 48 of the GH2018 for army restrictions regarding Leaders, Battleline, Artillery and Behemoths for a Battlehost level game.
  • Your army must have an allegiance. And as it has been stated in the most recent General’s Handbook FAQ (July 2018), in Pitched Battles, “if allegiance abilities exist for your faction army, you must use them” instead of the Grand Alliances’ allegiance abilities.
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House rules regarding bases:

  • IMPORTANT: Both square and round bases will be permitted. The reason is that we welcome and would like to encourage old Warhammer Fantasy Battle players to join us in this new era of Age of Sigmar in Japan.
    But, and this is important, we will accept only round bases from our next Rising Sun event.
  • Models cannot be set over the base of any other model as stated in the core rules.
  • Those models that did not exist before Age of Sigmar can only go on round bases, as they are provided in their boxes.
  • In case of rebasing legacy models from square to round bases, please, follow this chart made by Games-Workshop.


  • Only the most updated version of a warscroll will be valid. Several versions of a unit’s warscroll have been published in many cases. Generallly the most updated one is that included in a battletome rather than in a Grand Alliance book. To be sure, we recommend players to use the most recent version of the AoS app.
  • Named characters must be part of the faction described in their warscrolls, or they must be used as generic characters. For instance, you can only use Vandus Hammerhand’s warscroll in an army with Hammers of Sigmar alliance. You cannot use Vandus in an army that will use Celestial Vindicators (or any other stormhost) allegiance habilities. However, you can use the model as a generic Lord Celestant on Dracoth if you wish.

Warscroll Batallions:

  • Warscroll Batallions will be valid as long as they have a Pitched Battle profile and you pay its cost in points when building your roster.
  • As for the rules, for each Warscroll Batallion that you include, you will gain 1 extra command point, and one extra artefact of power for a second HERO (Core Rules, page 240 of the Core Book).

Realms of Battle (*house-ruled):

  • Game rounds will be played in a Mortal Realm.
  • Each round, all tables will be set in the same Realm.
  • Realms for each of the 5 game rounds will be different.
  • Realm of Battle rules include realmsphere magic, realm commands and realmscape features as detailed in the Core Book (pages 254-259), as well as spells of the realms, included in the Malign Sorcery Book (pages 72-78).
  • Before each round, a Realm will be randomly selected among Ghyran, Ghur, Chamon, Aqshy, Shyish and Hysh, together with the realmscape feature at play.
  • IMPORTANT: We are excluding the Realm of Ulgu from the tournament. The reason is that its realmscape feaures are quite detrimental to heavy shooting armies, e.g., Kharadrons and Freeguild. We think that these armies would be at a clear disadvantage. However, you can choose Ulgu as the realm your army is coming from, so artefacts of power from Ulgu are valid (see below, Artefacts of the Realms).

Artefacts of the Realms:

  • As detailed in the Malign Sorcery Book, after choosing the allegiance for your army, you can decide that it is from a specific Mortal Realm. If you do so, you can select any of your artefacts of power from the lists included for that realm in the book.
  • The realm of origin must be the same during the whole duration of the event, and you must specify it in your army roster. Army rosters received without a Mortal Realm will be considered as not coming from any specific realm.
  • You can select Ulgu as the origin of your army.
  • IMPORTANT: Spells of the Realms are determined by the realm in which the battle takes place, not by the realm where armies come from (see above, Realms of Battle).


  • A certain amount of scenery for the games will be provided.
  • However, since this is our first event and our budget is limited, you are welcome to bring some terrain to help making the tables more complex.
  • All terrain models, provided and brought by players, will be placed by the organizers and stay fixed in the tables, so no player can place to take advantage in any battle.
  • Some factions can use scenery as part of their armies. You can use an army-specific scenery as long as it has a Pitched Battle profile for your faction and if you paid its point cost when building your army list. For instance, the Sylvaneth Wyldwood. If you are using an army-specific terrain, you must bring it yourself.
  • All Citadel terrain must use the rules detailed in their corresonding Warscrolls if this is included in the General’s Handbook 2018, under the Conquest Unbound section (pages 88-96). Citadel terrain provided includes:  Ophidian Archway, Numinous Occulum, Citadel Woods, Baleful Realmgates, Azyrite Ruins, and, pending confirmation, Warscryer Citadel.
  • For other types of terrain, organizers will roll on the Core Rules’ Scenery Table before the first game. These will remain the same type of terrain for the whole duration of the tournament.

Endless Spells:

  • Players can include Endless Spells in their army list if they pay each spell’s Pitched Battle point cost.
  • Players must have the specific model for an endless spell.
  • Rules for Endless Spells are those included in the Malign Sorcery book.


  • Summoning does not cost reinforcement points.
  • Summoning rules for each army are specified in the General’s Handbook 2018, under New Summoning Rules, pages 98-101.


  • All miniatures must be either Citadel Miniatures or Forge World. Miniatures from other makers as proxies will not be allowed.
  • Conversions are welcome, as long as at least 70% of the miniature is built with bits of Citadel Miniature.
  • Painted armies are not required to participate in the tournament. However, painted armies will be awarded with 5 tournament points.
  • An army will be considered painted when, and only when, all miniatures are painted with at least 3 colors.
  • ‘WYSIWYG’: what you see is what you get, meaning that weapons carried by the units must be represented in the models.
  • For an army to qualify as painted bases must be painted, and preferably texturized in some way. Painting a base in just one color, let’s say brown, will not be considered painted.
  • In case of doubt, contact the orgianizers for approval!

Army selection and Roster:

  • First, before submitting your army roster, you must register (see here).
  • Once you have registered, we will give you a player ID.
  • Make your roster using the Warhammer-Community Warscroll Builder. Save it in PDF and send it to us using your name and player ID.
  • You can submit your army list at any time after registration, until September 14.
  • In case of a difference between the point costs between the Warscroll Builder and the costs as seen in the printed version of a Pitched Battle point cost in the most recent General’s Handbook, the GH version will be the valid one. Don’t forget to double check before submitting your roster!

Gaming Points

  • From each battle, players will obtain tournament points, depending on their results:
    Major Victory: 20 points
    Minor Victory: 15 points
    Draw: 10 points
    Minor Loss: 5 points
    Major Loss: 0 points
  • Please, record the in-game VPs and the total points value of destroyed enemy units, including summoned units. These will be used just as a tie breaker, with in-game VPs taking preference.

Best Sport:

The goal of the tournament is to have a good time, and not to encourage toxic competitiveness. Be kind and reasonable with your opponent, do not play slow on purpose, and comply with the rules. In order to encourage sporting behaviour, at the end of each game you will be required to give a score to your opponent from 0 to 10. At the end of the tournament we will give a Best Sport trophy and a prize to the player with the highest total sportsmanship score.

Registration and payment:

  • See here for the procedure to register to battle in the Grand Tournament!

Event Dice:

To celebrate that this is the first Age of Sigmar GT to be held in Japan, each tournament pack will include 10 event dice, given by Champi Miniatures and completely free for the GT participants. Players will be able to choose between dotted and kanji dice. Some extra sets will be sold at the venue.

Akaro Dice is also awarding the Rising Sun GT Champion, and 2nd and 3rd overall players with a pair of gold, silver and bronze event dice, respectively.

*We would like to thank James Bunting for his helpful comments on drafting these rules.